Custom Orthotic Fit/Fabrication (Fastech) or Semi-Custom (Vasyli)

Foot orthotics are an insert that fit into shoes and may decrease stress on the body by correcting anatomical alignment when standing, walking and running. Oftentimes foot orthotics can help in treating plantarfasciitis, shin splints, Achilles tendonitis, etc. Orthotics can be used for different reasons for different people. For “flat-footed” (over pronated) people, they can control excessive foot motion to decrease stress on the body. For “rigid, high arched” (supinated) people, they can provide increased cushion and shock absorption.

There are a variety of systems that can be used to fabricate foot orthotics at CPTC. With each system we take measurements of your feet/ankles and analyze your foot mechanics. We discuss with you the options for either custom or semi-custom to help make the best decision for your needs. If custom orthotics are chosen, then a mold of the foot is taken to get a semi-weight-bearing impression. Following the molding procedure, the foot orthotics are then contoured so that we bring the ground up to meet the foot in an unstressed position with good postural alignment. All measurements and production of the foot orthotics take place in the clinic so that we can modify the product as needed, thereby decreasing downtime and increasing patient comfort. This type of orthotic is classified as semi-rigid and will likely last 2+ years with appropriate care. They can fit in any running shoe and can be molded to fit into special athletic shoes (i.e. soccer cleats, etc.). The semi-custom orthotics are molded in the same weight bearing position but do not require the fabrication of the custom orthotics. CPTC can also make ¾ length orthotics to fit in some dress shoes.

Many insurance companies cover one pair of foot orthotics per year and our business office can check the details for you.

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