Ergonomic and Workplace Assessment

We see many people in the clinic who have repetitive overstrain issues from spending long hours on the computer or repetitive actions while at work. Overuse problems relating to use of the computer include (but are not limited to) neck and shoulder pain, rotator cuff strains, "tennis elbow", wrist tendinitis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Additionally, we see people who have physical jobs and injure themselves due to repetitive faulty body mechanics in the workplace. A lot of these problems can be prevented by having an appropriate assessment to find out where the problems originated.

We offer all new patients who come into the clinic with repetitive overstrain injuries an ergonomic assessment to help them determine where their faulty mechanics lie. By doing this, we can simultaneously do rehabilitation on the injury as well as help them learn how to prevent the problem from recurring.

For those individuals with more active physical jobs who hurt themselves working, we offer the same ergonomic analysis and provide job-specific practice using correct body mechanics to also teach the individual the safe way to lift and function in general in their respective jobs. Oftentimes, we will conduct a, "back school" to reinforce the learning process.

Valerie is trained by The Back School of Atlanta and is a Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist. She is trained to perform an OSHA-compliant ergonomics analysis applicable in the industrial, healthcare, and office workplace. She can assist with computer station set up, work station set up, line work mechanics and other repetitive tasks within a job.

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