Cervicogenic Headaches

Cervicogenic headaches are classified as head pain that can originate in the neck and radiate throughout the head in a specific pattern depending on the origin of pain, for example behind the eye. These headaches are typically manifested by dysfunction in the deep cervical (neck) and periscapular muscles. Upper cervical spine joint dysfunction has also been linked to these headaches. A personís resting posture and/or work related posture/ergonomics can play a big role in the manifestation of these symptoms. In the older population, arthritic changes to the cervical spine can also contribute. We can also assist with a referral to a local Certified Biofeedback Specialist for stress reduction if needed.

Depending on your individual needs, your treatment plan may include a wide variety of interventions, such as: joint mobilizations of the cervical spine, soft tissue mobilizations to cervical or periscapular muscles, modalities (electrical stimulation, ultrasound, or cervical traction if indicated), exercises for strengthening and/or stretching, and posture education.

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